Peju Alatise is a leading voice in contemporary art on the African continent. Her practise is relentlessly experimental and labour-intensive. She produces works across a variety of mediums, techniques and materials.

Her work is also pointedly political, often asking damning questions of, and provoking reflections about the times, the state of affairs at home and abroad. Alatise’s work has, in the past, explored exploitative labour practices in Nigeria, child rights with a focus on young girls, state-sanctioned violence against citizens, migration and the policies that ensure that many die at sea, seeking a better life. Alatise produces through the lens of spirituality, Yoruba cosmology, leaning into ancient storytelling traditions and crafting alternative social imageries.

It was a great pleasure to photograph Peju in her studio in Glasgow and to see her work, she really is a fantastic talent and we are very lucky to have her calling Glasgow her (temporary) home.